Toyota Switzerland has deployed a marketing complete solution of misystems. For customising marketing templates and placing them directly in various offline and online media, the 250 Swiss Toyota dealers have a marketing platform at their disposal. The Digital Asset Management module serves as a basis. This module ensures the output-neutral management of all media assets. Furthermore, the publication module supports the publication and drafting process of marketing assets as well as their translations and correction workflows very efficiently.

New features include the integrated module marketing resource management and multi channel output. Marketing budgets are managed and adjusted automatically. Effective teamwork with task management as well as campaign planning and implementation are integrated. Content created once can be output purposefully on all channels at the push of a button.

"By deploying the "state-of-the-art" systems of misystems, we are able to achieve a massive reduction in the costs of media planning, creation, preparation, adaptation and distribution and also save very much time and improve quality during the implementation of these market-relevant activities. We control our marketing processes."

Philipp Rhomberg, General Director, Toyota (Switzerland)