Marketing Resource Management - Module

Through our Marketing Resource Management (MRM) modules we support companies to optimally utilise marketing contents, to make unused information accessible easily and to cleverly control marketing processes. This results in smooth, efficient procedures and common communication between team members.

Campaign and Resource Management
Advertising media, planning
Budget planning
Process Management

Digital Asset Management (DAM)
Content Management (CMS)
Product Information Management (PIM)

Marketing planning from A-Z

The MRM module offers those responsible in marketing departments the possibility to plan all processes, campaigns, budgets and resources to the last detail.

Your marketing planning at a glance

The marketing calendar provides a complete overview of all campaigns, tasks, projects and more. Through integrating milestones with an automatic escalation mechanism the system helps you to always meet your submission deadlines.

Successful team collaboration

The MRM module supports the successful and efficient collaboration of internal and external teams, individual departments as well as various corporate structures. This can be further supported by a powerful online briefing as well as correction workflows.

Overview of all marketing tasks

Do not just organise your teams and their tasks with regard to campaigns and advertising media, but tasks of individual projects and processes as well - all at a glance. Supported by a full integration of MS-Outlook.

Get the most out of your data

With Digital Asset Management (DAM) you organise all of your media assets, schedules, profiles, addresses, tasks and much more.

Present your products in the best possible light

With the Product Information Management (PIM) you combine product information with classifications and their contents. This gives you optimum control and management for using your data in various media.

Transform your information into knowledge

All data in the system is positioned in terms of its context and particular significance. Thus, Information Management enables a new type of access to your information.

Ready for all channels and devices

Organise the creation and production of all contents for all types of media, devices and target groups. Content Management takes care of the creation and classification of your content from the very start to the very end - beginning with the first content, then the layouts, templates, pages, control and finally through to the publication structure.

Full control over all business processes

Business Process Management (BPM) allows easy modelling of your processes with the integration of tasks, deadlines and resources. In addition, BPM provides extensive functions for controlling and automating your business processes.