Marketing Data Intelligence Module

We help companies to create contextualised customer experiences and to achieve targeted communication. Extensive data intelligence and data analysis generates findings that are reflected later in dashboards. Based on this data, companies are able to prepare and implement tailored communication for target groups.

Data Extraction
Data Intelligence
Advanced Analytics
Multichannel Campaign Management

Interrelated information

Data intelligence is the key to natural communication. Understand the relationships and relevance of the information.

Precision for your targets

Targeting is a completely automated solution, tailored and customized to the entire error-free communication to the recipient: centrally planned, controlled and executed automatically - with full transparency and personalised customer experiences.

Generate useful knowledge

In analyses, the system displays where you were able to save, with which relevance and in which context, and creates in turn new information from this with each interaction. Data-Intelligence generates utilizable knowledge from information in real time.