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Control all marketing and creative processes cleverly and efficiently from one single, unified system.

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Your benefits

Efficient marketing with system.

misystems offers you a unified platform to coordinate your contents in marketing quickly and smoothly. From the planning stage to the output, from print to web, through to apps and social media.



Maximum usability thanks to clear, understandable and straightforward system handling in the daily working routine.



Maximum efficiency by the reduction of interfaces.



Simple customization of advertising media and tailor-made processes specifically for your company.

Our solutions

New approaches, new solutions: Efficient marketing is fast and specific. All marketing tasks are controlled by intelligent software. And at the end, each item of content adapts individually in every media


All your marketing. From the planning stage through to the execution and finally to the analysis in one solution.

Intuitive Fast Individual



Your company and marketing targets



Multi-channel campaign management, resources, target groups, activities



Content for all channels and devices, online and offline



Automatic or manual production, correction monitoring, translations, workflow



Collaborating with partners and suppliers



Filling your output channels quickly and selectively



Steering your output individually aligned to your target groups



Analysis and adequate response through data intelligence



Reutilisation of data and content for future promotions

Our modular range of services

Marketing Resource Management - Module

Through our Marketing Resource Management (MRM) modules we support companies to optimally utilise marketing contents, to make unused information accessible easily and to cleverly control marketing processes. This results in smooth, efficient procedures and common communication between team members.

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Marketing Multi Channel Output - Module

Our solution enables you to improve customer loyalty by means of dynamic and consistent contents, products and customer experiences.

To address digital and analogue touch points, we include online and mobile channels, social media management, editorial systems, brand management as well as portals.

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Marketing Data Intelligence - Module

We help companies to create contextualised customer experiences and to achieve targeted communication. Extensive data intelligence and data analysis generates findings that are reflected later in dashboards. Based on this data, companies are able to prepare and implement tailored communication for target groups.

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Business models and infrastructure

Whether in the Cloud, software leasing or licensing. All business models are available in the misystems. This combined with powerful, secure and certified hosting in Switzerland, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and London.

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User focus

Work can be so much fun

A software solution is only as good as the desire you have to actually work with it. For this reason, at misystems the needs of the users have top priority.

First Level Support.

First Level Support.

Forget about call queues. Anyone who answers the phone at misystems is a competent contact partner that can solve your problem.



Not only do we implement tailor-made marketing IT solutions, but we also fully train the various user groups.



From the intuitive user guidance right up to the customisable menu structure our system facilitates professional marketing management.

Technology Partners

Management of content, digital assets, product information, business processes and marketing resources; semantic understanding and intuitive access to complex information; contextualised customer experiences; extensive data acquisition and analysis; multichannel campaign targeting and translation management; customer engagement with dynamic and consistent contents, offers, products and customer experiences.

Guarantee that employees act automatically in accordance with the corporate design guidelines during the production of marketing and communication materials; thereby ensure a consistent appearance in all target markets, national was well as international.

Planning and implementation of marketing projects in the team as well as with customers/business partners; realisation of multi-stage marketing campaigns incl. target group segmentation and advertising media planning; definition of approval workflows; cost planning per campaign; campaign performance measurement; interfaces to selected advertising management databases.

Management, distribution and control of multimedia product content based on brands, product lines, markets and every other dimension (Product Media Management); management , publication and tracking of multimedia contents in social media networks (Social Media Content Management); management, distribution, integration and control of rich content used by creative and marketing teams (Digital Asset Management).

Digitalization of company processes; optimization of existing processes; process modelling; development of a sound IT concept and a sustainable software architecture.

Leading supplier worldwide for solutions in the field of digital marketing and digital media; development, provision, management and performance assessment of digital contents on all media across all devices.


  • Magento
  • PHP
  • jQuery
  • Java
  • AngularJS
  • IBM
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JS


By guaranteeing a consistent brand identity across all channels, misystems creates the foundation for successful marketing.

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